As most avid Bikerumor/Pinkbike readers would know, there is an abundance of off-the-shelf bike frames and component from the suppliers on the market. Some despise it, some embrace it. The market is littered with junk, but also gem. Our job is to help you filter out the junk, and only give you the gem. In some instance, we will help the supplier develop new product to provide you the latest without having spend a fortune on tooling. 

We currently offer the product categories below, please refer to the link below. If you have a particular niche of product you are looking for, you are also welcome to send us an inquiry with the detailed spec, and we will be on the hunt.

  • Carbon rims 
  • Carbon forks 
  • Carbon Suspension frame
  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Hubs 
  • Cockpit Components
    • Handlebar
    • Stem
    • Seatpost
  • Touring components