We work with one of the best titanium bike frame manufacturer in Asia. This titanium frame manufacturer provide technical capabilities that are not accessible from the custom frame builders elsewhere in the world. 

Custom tube butting

To truly optimize the frame for it's intended use, the designer need to begin by considering it's tube thickness. With steel frame, the large volume back in the 90s allowed essentially every type of mandrels to be opened. This is not the case of titanium frame. There are limited amount of thickness you can choose from because there is limited amount of butting mandrels available. In many cases, lots of titanium frames built in China and in the US are made with plain gauge, which put unnecessary weight in the wrong place. This supplier owns it's own tube butting facility, allowing greater flexibility in your design, which leads to a lighter and strong titanium frame. 

Tube preparation - EDM wire cutting 

80% of building a great titanium frame is in good tube preparation. Tube miter needs to be absolute perfection, as the slightest gap in the miter can cause great misalignment in the frame. We have forgone using traditional milling cutter that create larger vibration, which result less precise cut with titanium. We use EDM wire cutting to ensure perfect fitment between the tubes. Our frame require very little alignment after welding because of this.

Tube shape forming - mechanical/hydroforming forming 

  • Titanium frame tube as most of us know it is straight and round. Some do have some swoopy line, but very few frames utilizes mechanical forming. Our supplier's rich experience in the titanium material allow them to manipulate the tubes with forming and heat treatment to give the designer more freedom to design shapes they want. Designer can utilize more square-shape tube to increase the frame's rigidity, as well as helping it meet international testing standard. 

In-house heat treatment 

  • Comprehensive tube heat treatment process to increase stiffness while maintaining ductility. 

We work with the following material:

  • 3AL/2.5V ti
  • 6AL/4V ti