We work with some of the best steel frame manufacturers in Taiwan. There are 2 type of steel frame suppliers in the bike industry. Most steel suppliers have very little resources, limited engineers, QC, and testing capabilities. There are very few prestige suppliers that does work for the most reputable brands like Ritchey and Surly. The suppliers we work with typically have a fully equipped team of engineers that can ensure your project move at a very efficient pace. Their QC also ensure there is no defective product out of the door. Most importantly, these suppliers' experience in testing ensure your frames never fail in the field. 

We work with:

  • Reynolds 953, 931, 853, 725, 631, 520 
  • Columbus Zona, XCR, Spirit 
  • Satin 301 Stainless - Affordable Stainless


  • TIG welded frame 
  • Lugged brazing frame 
  • Fillet brazed frame
  • S&S coupler frame